Berlin Championship

Berlin Championship in Static and Dynamic Apnea 2016

An Event from  AIDA Deutschland e.V.
Organized by: the Nordberliner Tauchverein e.V.

Category: International with AIDA Ranking (Ranking only for AIDA Members)

Date: Saturday, February 13th, 2016
Start: 14:00

Place: Indoor Swimmingpool Märkisches Viertel (MV-Bad)
Wilhelmsruher Damm 142 d
13439 Berlin (Reinickendorf)

Organizer: NTV Nordberliner Tauchverein e.V. (North Berlin Diving Club)
Contact person: Michael Bilitzki
Am Wechsel 5 c, D-13469 Berlin
Tel.: +49 / 30 / 68 83 74 34, Fax.: +49 / 30 / 43 40 99 20

Conditions of participation:

  • Participant must be at least 18 years old.
  • Participant must have a valid medical attest not older that 1 year
  • The participant must pay within 10 days after registrationper money transfer to:
    • Name: Nordberliner Tauchverein e.V.
    • IBAN: DE35100900001379682010
    • Use: „DM2016 + Name of participant“
  • a fee of 40,- EUR for AIDA members (incl. ranking)
  • a fee of 45,- EUR for all other participants (no ranking)

Planned schedule:

14:00  –    Accreditation in the lobby of the pool
15:45  –    Conclusion of the accreditation  & entry into the pool
16:00  –    Opening of the event
17:00  –    Beginning of the competition static apnea in the non-swimmer pool
20:15  –    Beginning of the competition dynamic apnea in 50 m pool
22:30  –  End of the competition
24:00  –   Awards ceremony and Buffet at the clubhouse of the North Berlin Diving Club (Nordberliner Tauchvereins e.V., Eisenhammerweg 22, 13507 Berlin)


  • Daniel Weißhoff (D)
  • Yvon Arlt (E)
  • Matthias Thiele (E)

Please note:

  • Without a medical attest not older that one year, the participant will be barred from the competition.
  • The registration must be online. Registration per e-mail is not possible and will not excepted!
  • The registration not later than January 31st
  • Spectators are more than welcome! (please change clothes for entering pool area)
  • Participants, who would like to stay after the event, can spend the night at the NTV clubhouse for 13,- EUR (bring a sleeping bag and air mattress) Please mention this with your written registration!
  • The organization board will send a reception within 21 days after receiving the payment. If the athlete gets no answer, he has to contact the organization board by himself.
  • The three best men and women will be honored. Men and women will be judged separately. There will also be separate awards for the German and Berlin Champions, men and women.
  • The number of participants is limited to 40. It will be first come first serve for those participants who have registered completely (including starting fee!).